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Steve McCurry Exhibition in Girona

Monday 21 May 2012

On my last night in Girona, I nipped out with Sara from Visit Spain to check out the Steve MacCurry exhibit on in Casa de Cultura. There were posters all over the city advertising the show, mostly using the above image which sticks in everyone's minds - Sharbat Gula from Peshawar, Pakistan. Taken in 1984, the photograph represents MacCurry's work perfectly: vivid, emotive and featuring eyes that seem to shoot an arrow through your mind.

I was familiar with the above image, but not too much of his work. We were on a pretty tight schedule in Girona, but I wanted to check it out, and we made it down half an hour before the gallery closed.

And I'm so glad. I'm confident in saying that this is the finest collection of photographs I have ever seen in an exhibition, anywhere around the world. The images were so powerful, they took my breath away. I was even left in tears, which has never happened to me in a gallery before. I did a fantastic job of covering it up, though. No one noticed.

The photographs below give you the tiniest hint as to the quality of the work, but if you're lucky enough to be around Girona before the exhibit closes on 30th June, I urge you to go and visit. You won't be disappointed.

In fact, I would even suggest you go to Girona just to see these pictures. It's a beautiful city, and I'll be writing a lot more about it soon.


  1. Thank you Nicola. You're right, Girona is a very beautiful city... and for us, the most beautiful in the world! ;-)

  2. Brilliant! I'll be posting more on Girona soon.

  3. I am going on Monday, can't wait and look forward to reading your new postings Nicola


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