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At Satuna Beach, Girona

Hello, and welcome to Travel Pennies, the blog where I blather on relentlessly about travel, food, life and occasionally Alan Rickman. 

I'm a freelance travel writer based in the beautiful west of Ireland. I'm on the road a lot (an obvious hazard of the trade) so use this blog to tell you all about the places I see. You'll find hotel reviews, city guides, travel tips and recipes, as well as plenty of pictures and the odd video. 

You can see more about my work at and don't forget you can find me on Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Yeah i like this planing to go to Ireland.Its really a nice place to see and everyone can relish itself on this place.I,m a tourist by profession and explore many countries but not the Ireland so i decided to go with you.I hope we travel like a family.I like your blog very nice work done on this.


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