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Eating flowers in Girona

Thursday 14 June 2012
Chilled pea soup at Cal Ros
I don't think I've gushed enough about Girona on Travel Pennies. It's not that my expectations were low, it's just that... I didn't really have any. When anyone talks of flying into Girona, it's because they're going to Barcelona, or to some beachy dive along the coast. No one ever goes to Girona itself.

But they are missing out. It's the most beautiful little city, a more sophisticated and calm Barcelona. There are points where you could be in Florence, where orange buildings are stacked higgledy piggledy alongside the river. And there are plenty of hidden little squares where you can sit with a coffee (or, let's be honest, a glass of cava) and people watch.

Our first night in Girona was rather wet, as the skies dumped more than a month's worth of rain on us. But I was still won over. We were staying a little way from the old town (but really, really too close to a Zara) so the walk was a little soggy, but as it finished up in Cal Ros, that really didn't matter.

Cal Ros is tucked away down a little stone alleyway, with exposed brick walls and the feel of an olde worlde cave. We were there during Temps de Fleurs, the annual flower festival which sees the streets of Girona overcome with blooms, hooked between rooftops and showering over doorways.

So it was only right that our menu was distinctly floral. I'm still dreaming of the soup. Our bowls came out with a tiny hot poached quail's egg, blue borage flowers and pea shoots. Then the waiters appeared to decant the chilled pea soup around the flowers, creating a vivid green pond.

I ate extremely well on my trip to Spain. I ate a lot of beautiful, exquisite food. But this soup is ingrained in my food brain. I can't find the words to do it justice, because I know you're thinking "Cold pea soup? Blerg."

Trust me. It was divine.

Courgette flower fritters

After this, we tucked into a fillet of beef which you could cut with the side of a fork, along with a (great deal of) beautiful red wine. There's some gorgeous wine in the region. I'm something of an expert, considering I drank so damn much of it.

I should have been paying more attention at this stage.
Some kind of sorbet, on a custardish thing? With berries.

A rose petal palette cleanser
If you're ever in Girona (and you really should be) be sure to visit for a meal. This is the kind of restaurant you never want to leave.

Cal Ros
Cort Reial, 9


  1. One of the very best restaurants in Girona. I love their modern twist on traditional Catalan dishes using only the freshest local products. Highly reccomended!

    1. Well put, Richard! It really was a spectacular meal.

  2. That looks AMAZING!!! And the photography is beautiful.

    1. Seriously, so good. I had to stop taking photos of each course though. I felt like a bit of a fool.


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