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Harry Potter in Christ Church, Oxford

Friday 31 August 2012
'Draco Malfoy' at Christ Church College, Oxford

On my second day in Oxford, I was mooching around Christ Church, along with 3,782 other tourists. Most of these people were dragging along a child of around 17 with them, trying to persuade them that Oxford was the one and only university they should ever attend. Some were admiring the architecture. But I could tell a few, like me, were just playing "Spot the Harry Potter set"

They were easy to pick out of the crowd. At the grand staircase, you could hear whispers of "McGonagall!" "First years!"

Of course, some were even easier to spot.

Especially the ones dressed as Draco Malfoy.

This awesome girl was from Sweden, I think, and was around 11 or 12*. She seemed quite meek, as she walked around with her sister. But when I asked her if she wouldn't mind posing for a picture, she struck a series of devilish poses that would make Jason Isaacs proud.

This girl had guts! I've joked a million times about dressing up as a character to go somewhere, but I never actually have. She knocked it out the park.

Good on her, I say!

My only complaint is that she didn't have a Hot Dad dressed as Lucius with her.

Coming soon on Travel Pennies... all the Harry Potter locations I spotted while in Oxford.

* Amazingly, her sister just found this article and got in touch on Twitter! And I couldn't have been more wrong. She was actually 16, and from Russia. In my (poor) defence, I am terrible at guessing ages. Really, really terrible.
Her sister also promised me that she would work on the Hot Dad dressed as Lucius. Score.

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