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The Blair Witch pays me a visit...

Thursday 2 August 2012

Last night, when I was home alone, the power cut out. It did so in quite a dramatic fashion, too. Like a gunshot noise. I thought the light bulbs had just blown, but when I went to flick the fuses back up, it made a little spark and a bang. Then everything was down. Lights, power sockets, fridges, everything.

It was really rather inconvenient. After a few phone calls, I called it quits and arranged for a man to come and fix it all today. Then I toddled off to bed in the dark.

This morning, I got up and walked outside, to be greeted by this terrifying figure on the tree outside my house. A slug trail in the exact shape of a Blair Witch. I've never seen the likes of it!

Thank God I didn't have to root around outside with a torch last night. If I'd have seen that by torchlight, there's a fair chance the shock would have killed me.

Seriously?! Have you ever seen the likes of this before?

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