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Room Video: St Bride's Hotel & Spa, Saundersfoot

Thursday, 27 September 2012
Putting a dragon on my bed is an instant way to win me over

I'm still dreaming of this hotel.

When the receptionist showed us around our room, we acted like a pair of giddy goats. Everything was exciting. We had truffles AND peanut brittle! We had a balcony that overlooked the bay! We had a bathroom the size of the room we'd slept in the night before!

We were very happy.

Before I review the hotel properly, I thought I'd pop up a little video of the room.

Room videos are handy, especially for me. I always thought the dress that I'm wearing was very flattering, until I saw myself walking FROM BEHIND. Oh my. All I can say is that the poofy bottom of it is entirely material, and not my, well, poofy bottom.


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