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Finding a budget single room in Dublin

Saturday 27 October 2012
Doesn't this amazing picture just make you want to up sticks
and go there? Beautiful photography. Kinlay House Hostel.

Though I love Knock Airport, sometimes I have to bite the bullet and fly from Dublin. Usually this is for a press trip, when the flights are set in stone, and I can't make other arrangements.

I live a fair while away from Dublin. Up until recently, this has meant a train journey of 3 hours, and then another 30 minute bus ride on top of that. All of which means that when I have an early flight from Dublin, I usually stay in the city the night before.

Now, of course, Bus Eireann have started a new, ultra amazing service directly from Sligo to Dublin airport. It goes every few hours, and is a life saver (as well as a money saver) There's even a super early service to get you there in time for eye watering flights.

But this has only been in place for a week. We'll see how it goes.

I think at this stage, I've stayed in a different place in Dublin each time I've been there. It's tricky to find a place that ticks all the boxes. When the flight is really early, I like to be near the bus station. Even though the Air Link goes through all the main spots in the city, it just makes me feel that bit closer.

If I'm not in too much of a panic, I'll stay anywhere central enough (with the aforementioned Air Link close by)

So here's a breakdown of some great budget choices for a single room in the city. You'll need to be quick - the single rooms are usually the first to go, especially on a weekend.

1. Leeson Bridge Guesthouse
I stayed here one night after a course. It's in a gorgeous, Georgian building just by Stephen's Green with beautiful big rooms. I stayed in one that was booked for two of us, and it ended up being a small apartment with a wee kitchen, all for around €60. They have a corporate single rate, which is usually around €49. Considering there's a hefty breakfast included (with pastries!), free wifi, and the Air Link stop is just nearby, it's a great deal.

2. Ashfield House Hostel
This hostel is closer to the centre of town (or what I would call the centre of town, in terms of bus/train etc). Prices seem to change an awful lot, but you can snag a single room at the bargain price of €25. I saw this rate online, but it disappeared quickly. I called them in the end, and as they had a room going spare, they gave it to me for that price. That's why it's often worth ringing a place - most of them would sooner have a room go for a little than sit empty. The breakfast is a bit shitty, and the proximity to Temple Bar means it can get noisy, but it's a grand place to stay. Again, the Airlink is just outside.

3. Jacob's Inn Hostel
If you need to be at the bus or train station at an ungodly hour, this is the place for you. It's about one minute from the main bus station (with the airlink) and a few minutes from Connolly station. I ended up staying in a dorm room while I was there, but you can often pick up a single room for €30.

4. Kilronan House
Now, I've never actually stayed here. But I have tried to, countless times. They have a small single room available at €45, but it's the breakfast that draws me in. Just look at those pancakes! It's in a good location too, near to Stephen's Green.

5. Kinlay House Hostel
I stayed here a few weeks ago, just before I went to Bournemouth. Though the room I was in was grand for me, I think it was intended as a triple. Which is a JOKE, considering how cramped it was. Just by the cathedral, and the start of Temple Bar (the quiet side) the hostel is in a great spot, and the Airlink stops right outside the front door. My single room was €30, and I skipped breakfast and opted for a late check out at €5, and went around to Queen of Tarts instead. Mmm.

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