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There's a puppy party in my house, and everyone's invited

Thursday 22 November 2012
She a DAWG.

So, the dog's gone and got herself knocked up.

I'd noticed something was strange in her... nippular regions for a few weeks. But the last time I brought this up and declared her pregnant, it all turned out to be a false alarm. We realised this after we had someone build her a comfortable pregnancy ward/nest in the shed. He wasn't amused.

However, on Monday, the problem couldn't be ignored any more, and we took her to the vet.

We have a great German vet. She doesn't waste time with sentimental wishy washy emotions. She cuts straight to the point.

When she looked at Daisy's udders, she squirted a bit of milk out.

"Yes, she is expressing milk"

I expressed a bit of vomit.

She didn't feel anything for a while, so she popped her up for an ultrasound, where she eventually found a few little heartbeats. Ahhh.

Don't worry, I'm not going to get all emotional and dog lovery. If anything, I was the traditional older father figure, worried about how on earth she was going to support these puppies, where they were going to live and if they would survive the age of the internet.

"If you would like, I could take the womb out right now with the puppies inside"

Whoa, there!

You really have to say that in a German accent to get the full comedic value. But I'm not going to write it with slightly racist spellings, because I fear I'm treading a fine line as it is.

We left the puppies, and the womb, inside the dog. But not before we had heard a long and sensible speech about their futures. And about all the gross things we have to cut off of her when she does poop them out.

But, despite it all, it is very exciting. In about 2 or 3 weeks, we will have lots of little bastard pups running the joint.

And about ten weeks after that, everyone will be leaving the house with a puppy, whether they like it or not.

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