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Jordan in Pictures

Monday 21 January 2013
The Treasury at Petra
It feels like a million years since I got back from Jordan. In reality, it's been a week. But as soon as I got in the door, I was back out again to head to Avoriaz. All that travelling should have meant that I was blogging a lot, but as I left my laptop at home, really what it meant is this blog has sat idle for two weeks now. For that, I apologise. But I'll be back on my game soon, I promise.

In the meantime, a good picture update post is in order. Despite the slight setback of severe storms in Jordan confusing my itinerary, I saw a lot in this amazing country, and have much to write about. Until then, have a gander at some of the places I packed in...

A view of the capital city, Amman, from a beautiful restaurant on Rainbow Street
The hummous that accompanied every meal. Mmm.
Good weather for ducks at the Dead Sea
Great photobomb at Petra

My lovely guide and driver in the snow

A camel at Petra

The sun breaking through in Aqaba

The view of Israel from Aqaba

The sun is out in Aqaba!
Wadi Rum

Climbing high in Wadi Rum

Between a rock and a hard place!

The first hint of the Treasury in Petra

A beautiful horse at the entrance to Petra


  1. These pictures are so confusing - was it hot or cold? Camels and snow? My mind is exploding.

    1. If only I'd managed to take a picture of the snow camel - your mind would have BLOWN. If it helps, even when you're looking at a sunny picture, it was generally freezing. Even in the desert. I think I'm even wearing thermals there.


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