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Travel Pennies is one year old! 2012 in review

Wednesday 2 January 2013
At the Can Sais vineyeard in Girona
Well, would you look at that? Travel Pennies is a year old. It's been a year of planes, trains and other people's automobiles. A year of amazing hotels, incredible locations and probably a bit too much wine.

No better time to do an old review of the year, thinking back to the highlights of travel in 2012. And boy, have there been a few...

Getting close enough to mount Snape at the Harry Potter Studios
Before the studio opened their doors, I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the amazing Harry Potter tour in Watford.

Eating my way through Brussels
And regretting NOTHING. See the pictures here.

Discovering Girona
And falling head over heels in love with the beautiful region.

Realising that punting isn't for everyone
The people on the water in Oxford make it look far too easy.

Nearly dying in a kayak
OK, maybe a little melodramatic. But taking to the seas in Wales was both terrifying and hilarious.

Attending a million weddings
Or, realistically, five.

So what's coming up in 2013? Well, quite a lot. Jordan is but days away, before I take to the slopes for my first ski trip. Then America is on the horizon. And who knows what other surprises will pop up along the way?


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  2. I especially agree with your suggestion to find a good balance on how fast you travel. It can be easy it wants to see more, more, more, but traveling around so quickly makes it hard to work and just live life.


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