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Room Video - Ste Anne Beachcomber, Seychelles

Monday 16 September 2013

It's raining sideways right now. The tree outside my window is looking suspiciously horizontal, and the guinea pig is anxious about his hutch blowing away. I lit the fire yesterday for the first time in months. My boots are lined with fleece, and my flip flops are in the wardrobe.

All of which is a long winded way of saying that this is a good time to think about the Seychelles. Ahh, the Seychelles. Where you only have to worry about SPF and those little geckos that fall from the trees, that then need to be surgically removed.

I was only in the Seychelles for a couple of days, so it all seems a bit of a whirlwind when I look back. I haven't even written a proper review for this hotel yet, but the video gives you a fair idea of the room. We had only just arrived when I made it, after a long but deliciously comfortable flight with Ethiad.

Despite having a good sleep, I was still a bit ropey. Which is why I have a couple of false start videos on file - both of which with the words "I'm in...." trailing off into a confused silence. But, third time lucky. I think I got it right in the end.

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