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Brunch at Urban Grub, Nashville

Friday 29 November 2013

God, I love brunch. I just love it so much.

I really resent the fact that there isn't a good brunch spot where I live. What I want is a proper American style joint, where you can get pancakes, bacon and syrup, among all the other good brunchy things. They're starting to pop up (we like to get to trends a few years too late - we're currently at the burrito stage) but there's nothing that truly hits the spot just yet.

So when I was in Nashville, I couldn't wait to get to Urban Grub on a Saturday, for a proper brunch experience.

Urban Grub is a pretty new restaurant on the Nashville scene, on 12th Avenue South (where you'll also find the great spot 12 South Taproom) We arrived super early - so early, in fact, that it wasn't even open yet. As we sat, the tables steadily filled up. This place gets jammers on a weekend, so if you're heading there, be sure to make a reservation, or settle in at the bar to wait for a table.

I kicked things off with a mimosa, which I couldn't resist, but if you're a Bloody Mary fan then I highly recommend this fella...

The trick to its glory was a sneaky kick of Guinness, which gave it a creamy edge.

I knew exactly what I wanted. And that was bacon. Bacon and syrup. It took a lot of pondering, but eventually I uttered the phrase...

"I'll have the fried chicken and waffles, please. With extra bacon on the side."


 If I'd have thought on, I would have asked for extra syrup. Just because.

Why is American bacon so good? Is it just that they cook the hell out of it? I don't know. But I like it.

Chicken and waffles is a combo I discovered at brunch in San Francisco a few years ago. I didn't go for it, for some reason, but I'd been thinking about it ever since. For these are the kind of things I think about. The chicken was good, but I will admit that I'd have preferred just the waffles and bacon. The chicken made things a little overwhelming, and the hot sauce didn't combine as well with the sweetness of the syrup as the salty bacon did.

The brunch menu has some other quite funky combos. Lots of things that come out on excitingly sizzling platters. Bennies (eggs benedict) with varying bits of pulled pork looked good, as did their steak special. Their Tennesse Hot Brown was a success story too.

There's an Oyster Bar, outdoor patio and some excellent window booths for spying.

It all kicks off here in the evening, so pitch up for dinner too, where you can enjoy all the Southern classics (and if you don't order mac n cheese as a side, we can no longer be friends).

Urban Grub
2506 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN
001 615 679 9342

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