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5 things about flying that annoy me

Thursday 16 January 2014

I fly a fair deal. Obviously. I'm fairly used to flying, but each and every time I get to an airport, I am overwhelmed with frustration at the same damn things getting on my nerves. So, as I'm sat in an airport right now, what better time to get them all off my chest?

Bear with me, for I am in foul form.

1. The 100ml liquid limit
And not for the reason you may think. I don't actually care, really, about not taking full sized liquids in my hand luggage. Why? Because this has been the status quo for YEARS now. I am fully aware of what I need to do. When they first brought this rule in, I could understand why it would take a little explaining at security. But now? Seriously, everyone in the world knows about this. There is no reason to stand in a busy security line, as someone pulls out a bin bag full of full sized cosmetics, arguing with the officer about whether or not they're allowed. And while we're in security...

2. People who don't put their security tray back
Whenever I fly out of Gatwick, I spend a good few minutes putting approximately 20 huge trays back where they should be. Why? Because it's basic human manners. It's not someone else's job to do it, and it's not a huge deal, so figure it out.

3. People who don't stand in from the aisle upon boarding
It's perfectly easy to stand in from the aisle and put your hand luggage up in the stowaway bit, rather than making a whole line of people wait behind you. How do I know this? Because I do it EVERY DAMN TIME I GET ON A PLANE.

4. People who leap up as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off
You're not getting off any quicker, buddy. So get your elbow out of my face, because I already have a dimple. The only time it's acceptable to do this is when you're racing like mad to get a connecting flight. If you're collecting hold luggage, then there is never an excuse for it.

5. People who applaud upon landing
I've said this before. Boo if we crash, sure, but don't applaud a basic and expected part of the service.

Huh. It seems that, after completing my list, nothing about flying annoys me. It's flying with people that's the issue.

Oh, people.


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