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A vineyard pilgrimage in Galicia

Wednesday 26 March 2014
Pazo de Galegos

I met Dan when I was walking the streets of Santiago. A former NYPD cop, he had just completed El Camino, a pilgrimage which stretches for hundreds of kilometres. He was about to take his ‘pilgrim’s passport’ to be stamped for the final time, after a long and arduous journey.

“So how do you feel? Was it everything you thought it would be?” I asked.

“It was an amazing experience. But I met so many people who weren’t taking it seriously. They only walked parts of it. They were more interested in drinking, to be honest.”

I nodded sagely, thinking about the certificate I had in my bag, which commended the fact that I had walked for a grand total of one hour. It was a bit of a joke certificate, in fairness, but it marked the occasion nonetheless.

I also neglected to tell him about the wineries I had discovered on my trip. For mine turned out to be more of a vineyard pilgrimage, one in which I relentlessly journeyed to find the best wine the region had to offer.

You’ll find the local white, Albariño, all over Santiago and Galicia, a region where good food and great wine go hand in hand.

Manuel García

Pazo de Galegos ( is a small, family vineyard and guesthouse run by Manuel García and his sons. He’s a dangerous man to meet at 10am in the morning – it’s not long before a glass is in your hand, with a more than generous sample of his delectable wine.

The Palacio de Fefiñanes ( is an architectural gem dating back to the 16th century. Located in the pretty seaside town of Cambados, the palace has been home to great wine for hundreds of years. You can tour the beautiful gardens as well as the cellars, and the wine is divine.

Paco and Lola is a wine you’ll see in numerous and bars and restaurants across Galicia. The quirky polka dot bottle is easy to spot, and apparently a celebrity favourite in LA (it was the wine of choice at the premiere of Vicky Christina Barcelona).

You can see more about the Rias Baixas Wine Route here -

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