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The Memory Dish - Green Smoothie inspired by California

Friday 4 April 2014

When I was in California, juice bars were everywhere. Even waaay back in the day, when I was there as a baby 18 year old, they abounded. Though more of them were a Jamba Juice, and therefore no healthier than a Coke.

Nowadays, you can't turn a corner without finding a juice over there. And none of your boring apple/orange combos either. Amazingly fresh vegetable juices, vibrant in colour and packed full of goodness.

It makes me sound so annoyingly healthy, but I do start every day with a kale smoothie. This happens for a multitude of reasons. Initially, it was to fit into a bridesmaid dress. Soon after, it was because it tastes so good that I actually go to bed craving it. It starts the day on such a good note that I don't feel as bad about ending it with a tsunami of minstrels. Mmm. Minstrels.

When I sink back to my old ways for a few days, I can see the difference. And not because a breakfast of, say, weetabix, is bad. But because this is so good, such an injection of pure green energy, that I am lacking when I go without. It makes a vague improvement on my awful skin, and is amazing for the gut.

So I start the day right, and then I'm onto a winner.

My recipe is just what suits me, but it goes without saying that it's easily tweaked to suit you. If you don't fancy something as leafy (I do think it can take some getting used to for some people) then up the fruit content. I always put a banana in, which gives me sweetness and bulk, but pineapple would be a great source of sweetness. I personally don't like milks/honey in my smoothies, but I'm only the boss of me, so do whatever you want.

Kale Smoothie inspired by California

3 big fronds of kale, thick stem removed
1 huge handful of baby spinach
The flesh of 1/2 lime
1 banana (or apple)
3 inch piece of cucumber, chopped
Small glass of water (substitute for nut/rice milk, or apple juice if you need something sweet)

Pop it all in a blender and whizz until super smooth. Add your water in bit by bit, and add more if it's too thick. Enjoy with a sense of smugness.

Optional extras - grated ginger, chia seeds, spirulina, probiotics etc etc. Basically any of that healthy stuff you have knocking around. If I feel a cold coming on, I whack enough ginger in to burn the tail off a donkey.

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