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A French country market in Monpazier, Dordogne

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Nothing beats a stroll around a French market. Everywhere you look there are stalls and tables heaped with fresh, local produce, glittering in the sunshine and begging you to take it home. Linger for more than a few seconds, and samples will likely be pushed upon you, piled on little pieces of bread, ready for you to have a little nibble.

The market in Monpazier (in the Dordogne) is held every Thursday morning, in the village's medieval square, surrounded by sandy stone arches and vines. 

There's everything you could need for a French picnic. Hundreds of types of saussicons, from hazlenut, mushroom and boar to our favourite; the Herbes de Provence, known in our villa as the 'grassy sausage'. Mmmmm. Grassy sausage...

I asked various stallholders in broken Franglish if it was OK to take them back on the plane, and they all said that it was... but I was once robbed of a heap of Chrorizo coming back from Sardinia, so I only took what could be fully wrapped and sealed.

The produce stalls were full of richly coloured fruit and veg that would put the supermarkets at home to shame.

And all the while, a group of musicians played in the dappled sunlight.

After picking up some lunch supplies and accidentally eating fois gras, I spotted the glory stall of any French market...

And it would be rude not to. With Nutella, mais oui

My kind of town, indeed.

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