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Memory Dish: Baked Garlic Camembert, inspired by France

Monday 28 July 2014

There's no lunch I love more than a proper French affair. Crusty, warm baguettes picked out from the bakery that morning. Slabs of cheese on a wooden board, free for everyone to rip chunks from. Salami, jambon, chorizo and saussicon, all waiting to be torn up and smooshed together with a bit of mustard, sea salted butter and as much bread as you can manage. 
But there's one treat which turns a feast into an event. A big, cheesy, melty, oozy event. And that, my friend, is baked Camembert.

It couldn't be easier to make.

First, take your Camembert and peel off any plastic layers. Pop him back in the wooden box (obviously, only a wooden box will work here, not plastic). Then make a few little slits in the top, and poke in some slices of garlic.

Then heat the oven to about 180c, and pop him in for around 15 minutes. Be very careful not to overcook him - that will leave you with a solid cheese. You're aiming for a gooey, fondue style fella who jiggles when you wiggle him.

While you're waiting for him to cook, cut up some baguette or any other dipping devices - carrot sticks if you're feeling virtuous. We were not. Pretty much everything got dipped in that cheese... I think even some cheese got dipped in the cheese.

When it's ready, bring it to the table and make a little incision to get to the good stuff.


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