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Hotel Review: Posada del Organista in Santallana del Mer, Spain

Friday 5 September 2014

There's something to be said for staying in a tiny, family style B&B. There's all the quirks that you'd expect if you were, say, staying with an eccentric aunt somewhere in the countryside. There's the one stair that creaks, the rooster crowing at dawn, and the food that you would give your arm to have made for you every day. 

La Casa del Oranista felt just like that home. In the middle of the sleepy, pretty village of Santilla del Mer, La Casa dates back to the 18th century, and has been carefully preserved by artisan stonemasons and carpenters. 

Inside, it feels like a miniature castle, all hidden corners cladded in dark wood, with thickly plush carpets and ancient books propped up on bookshelves. I say this with hesitance, as I know how often I compare places to Hogwarts, but this place felt JUST LIKE the Griffindor common room. And, I've been there, so I should know

My room was a little on the small side, with a low, squishy bed and huge windows which I could fling upon to find this view... 

The bed, instead of being covered with a duvet, had layers of crisp white sheets, covered with a thick woollen blanket. There is nothing like a sleep under sheets and blankets. I would never have the energy to make a bed like this myself, but man, does it feel good to snuggle up in. 

I had the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time. The aforementioned rooster did wake me up at the crack of dawn, but I'll forgive him for that (in time). 

Perhaps the highlight of the whole stay was the breakfast. At first, the buffet spread had looked a little underwhelming. I put a few bits of melon and jamon on my plate and sat down, thinking that I would be happy enough. But then a friendly face emerged from the kitchen and asked what he could make me. Hurrah! He made me my favourite ever Spanish breakfast...

Pan con Tomate! It was glorious. Rich, garlicky, salty and with just the right burst of I needed on my toasted bread. I was over the moon. See my own version here

When I asked for orange juice, I heard the whir of a juicer going in the kitchen. A few minutes later I was drinking the freshest orange juice I think I have ever drunk in my life. My mouth is watering at the memory of it all.  

Prices: A double room starts at €60 in low season, rising to €93 in peak season.
Location: Santilla del Mer is about 30 minutes from Santander Airport.


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