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A little more from the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Saturday 7 April 2012

I had so much more to say after my visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, but unfortunately life got in the way. After writing it up for various people, Travel Pennies got the short end of the straw (though it did get a lot of the good photos).

I think the fact that I desperately want to go back speaks volumes. I could go back every week. Of course, this would mean shelling out £28, and in all likelihood I would soon be banned after an incident with the Snape manequin. But I would try my darndest.

What really stood out in the tour is the level of detail that went into every prop, set and costume. Real copies of the Quibbler were produced. Each of the memories in Dumbledore's pensieve cabinet were handwritten. The creatures in the Potions glassroom were all made, mostly from toys bought at London Zoo, and changed each year.

The Burrow was particularly fantastic, as it featured Molly's magical kitchen helpers, which could be moved via little handles at the front of the exhibit...

The knitting needles! The knife! The pot scrubber! All real.

I thought I would be more annoyed by the staff hovering at each exhibit, but there was only one slightly odd character. I would feel far too mean sharing where I saw him, but I will say that he was remarkably Slytherin.

There's been a fair amount of whining from people about a lack of rides. To which I say - Siriusly? Come on. It's not pegged as a theme park. Which I'm glad about. I hate rides. I'm always the one holding the bags and coats at the bottom. I never saw the appeal of feeling like you're about to crash to your death.

And the people who complain that you can't touch anything... must be a little thick. If sticky handed kids and men who have a habit of thumping walls were aloud to touch, the tour would be destroyed in a week.

So I have neither of those complaints. Oh, and butterbeer is oddly nice. It also seems to self foam, doubling in volume whenever you take a sip. Seeing as they wouldn't tell me what was in it, I can only assume it was magic.

Or a shedload of chemicals.

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