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Richmond Park - where the sun shines, and everyone prays for Fenton II

Friday 6 April 2012
Not my dog. This one was a right pain.
When the sun shines in London, the city comes to life. Actually, when the sun shines anywhere, a place comes to life. But London is especially lovely in the sun. Everyone is in good form, cheerful cockney chaps call out to you in the street, the pubs spill over onto the pavements after work and jugs of Pimms appear from nowhere.

Sunshine in London always takes me back to a summer I spent loved up in the capital, flitting from place to place on the back of a motorbike. Before it all went south, of course. But the smell of London in the sun always puts me in a good mood, regardless.

A few weeks ago, I was in London for a gorgeous heat wave. I was working during the week with a grown up commute, so wanted to make the most of the sun that was predicted for the Sunday. So we shipped out to Richmond Park, one of the largest areas of greenery in London, close to Putney where I was staying, and home to the infamous "FENTON!" youtube sensation...

I don't know why this struck such a cord with millions of watchers, but my, does it make me giggle.

As we lay in the sunshine, divine ice creams from the boathouse in hand, it seemed everyone was waiting for that new Fenton moment. At one point, the dog above leapt into the river to play with another, who wasn't as keen. At the sound of barks, splashing and owners calling, there was an immediate crowd, cameras at the ready to capture the new youtube hit. Nothing too amusing happened, unfortunately.

But it was still a lovely day.

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