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Jo Malone at Dublin Airport - Succumbing to duty free, in the spirit of Treat Yo Self

Thursday 11 October 2012

I tried to just walk past it, I really did. But it's just so... bright. And white, and shiny, and clean. Honestly, it looks like a movie Heaven. I half expected Morgan Freeman to walk out in a white suit, and tell me that my plane had crashed.

The scent isn't as intoxicating as you might think. It's not like the overwhelming hit you get when you walk in (or past) Lush.

I wanted to treat myself. I thought that if I came across a scent that I liked, then I'd get myself a wee bottle. My Voya eau de toilette is half empty, after all.

I'd always loved the sound of Lime, Basil and Mandarin. So I wafted some onto a little sample stick, like a perfumey pregnancy test. Actually, I first accidentally sprayed it on my sleeve, where it stained quite spectacularly for a few seconds before disappearing.

And look how prettily it's wrapped!

I went to sniff the candles, before checking in with myself and finding that no, I still won't spend €45 on a bundle of wax and wick.

So, the cologne it was. For a 30ml bottle, you'll pay €36.60, around a tenner off the high street price. Which is a perfectly acceptable amount to spend as a little treat. In honour of Tom and Donna, I thought it was only fair to play along with Treat Yo Self.

Would Donna spend a paltry €36.60 on fragrance? Damn right she would! Would Tom refuse himself a candle? NO!

So the next time you're walking through the airport (and not running through in tears) just hear this voice in your head, and treat yo self.


  1. That fragrance looks lovely! It's always nice to treat yo self. Love that you connected a buying a bottle of perfume with Parks & Rec (one of my favorite shows!).

    1. Thanks Magali! I love Parks and Rec too, and the treat yo self episode had me in stitches!

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