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Girl bitten by dolphin at Sea World, parents immediately break promise to show no one the video footage..

Monday 3 December 2012
Dolphins off the coast of Lamu. In the sea. You know,
where they want to be.
There are some headlines that just capture your attention. Straight away, whatever you're doing, you stop and click the link.

That's what happened this morning when this story popped up on the Indo's twitter feed.

Girl bitten by dolphin at Seaworld? I mean, the day you don't want to watch that video is a sad one, in my eyes. The story is simple enough, really. A girl gets bitten by a dolphin at Seaworld.

I can't seem to find the original link from her dad, but there are numerous other versions on youtube. This one features a slo mo replay, so it wins. Hands down.

Allow me to take you through my favourite moments.

1. "Uh mom, I'm out of fish."

2. "We're not going to show anybody"
The mother's words to her crying child, who just KNOWS those feckers are putting this video up on Youtube.

3. The Slo Mo replay is GENIUS. It's just like Will Ferrell's dart in the neck scene from Old School.

Now, of course, I would never laugh at an injured child (in public). And, in fairness, it did look like she got a fair dent in her hand from the playful little bugger.

But I always have an objection to Joe Public feeding animals like this. Do you think that's how dolphins want to live? Fed bits of fish and hand by little kids, who probably spend the rest of the time poking them in the eye and stroking them too hard, with their little sticky kid hands?

I doubt it.

I have a friend who works in an aquarium in Florida. I won't say which one, to protect the identity of those involved, but I will say that of all the aquariums in the world, it's a pretty ethical one. It's in place to care for and preserve injured animals, rather than using them as circus fodder.

She told me that dolphins are vicious little bastards despite their good press. Getting in the dolphin tank is one of the most dreaded jobs in the aquarium. Why? Because dolphins have been known to force themselves, sexually, onto the humans who jump in. I know, I know. It sounds pretty funny. But the reality is they are pulled under the water, quite violently, and it's incredibly dangerous. And traumatic, I'm sure.

And definitely, absolutely, unequivocally, NOT FUNNY. OK?


  1. The video's blocked - too many 3rd party notifications of copyright infringements apparently! ;)

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