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Zsa Zsa Bazaar: Where gluttonous dreams come true

Wednesday 12 June 2013

For my birthday last weekend, I went to stay with one of my very best friends, her fiance and her baby. They very kindly picked me up from the airport, and asked if I was hungry. 

"Well, I've just had lunch. But yes. I could probably go for dinner."

One my best qualities is my ability to eat a meal at any time, no matter how full I am. If you want to go out to eat, I am 100% with you. 

They had plans to swing into Bristol, for an all you can eat. Now, I have a funny feeling about places dedicated to all you can eat dining. It reminds me of a group from school who used to go to Pizza Hut for the  lunch buffet, and gorge to the point of... no, I can't even finish that sentence. It nauseates me. 

All you can eat makes me think of endless buffets of crap food. Of stringy slops sitting in a bain marie for hours upon end. 

So I was pleasantly surprised to end up in Zsa Zsa Bazaar. With a name like that, it's hard to do anything but fall in love. 

And it was AMAZING. 

Set up like a market place, each stand had a few chefs working behind it, whipping up whatever you fancied, exactly how you wanted it. At the Piri Piri stand, you could choose your chicken, choose your sauce, and stand there will your plate watching it sizzle on the grill. There was food from all around the world, from sushi to Peking duck, burritos to whatever land ice cream comes from. 

It didn't take long for me to get overexcited. The plates are small, so you can go up multiple times without feeling like a complete glutton. Ish. 

At one point, I turned to my friend's fiance to sing "Nacho, nacho man... I want to be, a nacho man" only to discover that he was somewhere else. And the strange man I was singing to didn't understand why, or what, I was singing. 

The highlights? The amazing duck, vegetarian sushi, Chinese dumplings, piri piri, potato dauphinoise and the chicken wings. 

Unfortunately, you don't get the full size and impact of my friend's tongue. But trust me,
it's HUGE.

She mostly ate the table, in fairness.

I made a rookie error with the ice cream bar, by the way. All I could see was the 99 style ice cream machine, next to the chocolate fountain. I missed all of the proper ice creams around the corner. Also, I tried to get clever and use the chocolate fountain chocolate as my sauce, over the jelly beans. But upon hitting the ice cream, it solidified. Sigh. 

Zsa Zsa Bazaar
Canon's Road
Bristol, BS1 5UH
Tel: 01179 220330

Lunch (Until 5pm)Mon – Thurs from 12 noon  - £8.99 / Fri (12 noon) & Sat (11am) - £9.99
Mon – Thurs - £14.99 / Fri & Sat £16.99
Dinner (5pm to 11pm)Sunday All day - £12.99

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