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Hotel Room Video: MyHotel Brighton

Monday 10 June 2013

When I was in Brighton for the festivals, I stayed in MyHotel. It was a bit weird staying in the city - the town I'm from is 45 minutes away, so I'm used to getting on the 29 bus to get home, rather than sleeping there.

Apart from the time I had an impromptu citybreak, that is. I was working in Blockbusters at the time, with one of my best friends. We were hardly living the dream - I'd just graduated and was working my way out of an overdraft, and she was yet to go to uni. We didn't even get put on shifts together all that often. But one day, we were, and were finishing at 2pm. So we jumped on the bus and headed into Brighton town for some spontaneous fun., to distract ourselves from the fact we WORKED IN BLOCKBUSTERS.

We had no normal clothes with us, so were dressed in our sexy blue polo shirts and old biddy trousers. We mooched around, more than likely had a Shakeaway, and then had dinner. At dinner, we had a bottle of prosecco. Then we had cocktails. Then we decided flip it all, we were going OUT.

We went into the Premier Inn on North Street and got a room. It was around £60, and I believe it was thrown on Sam's credit card, as was most of the night. It was rough enough, but it did the trick. We transformed our glorious uniforms into amazing outfits (I think halter tops were created) and hit it hard.

It was one of those nights that just said "Eff you, universe" and I think of it fondly whenever I pass the Premier Inn.

MyHotel is just around the corner from the Premier Inn, but the two hotels are worlds apart. I'll be putting a proper review up soon, but in the meantime, have a gander at the room video I made.

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