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Iced Ginger Green Tea

Friday, 24 July 2015

Golly, it's hot, isn't it? What a heatwave we're having! The sun is splitting the sky, we're all walking around looking lovely in our sundresses and...

I can't, I can't. It's FREEZING here. It's boiling in Dublin, sweltering in London and I'm sitting here jealous as sin. In a cardigan.

But because I'm lovely and selfless, I'll divulge a little recipe for the sunny days you're all having. Do you ever want a non-alcoholic drink that tastes decent, but isn't horrifically bad for your insides? I'm looking at you, tempting yet disgusting Diet Coke. Well, I've invented it.

I've always found green tea kind of manky. It has a bitterness that I can't get on with, and a scent that smells vaguely latrine-like. But make iced tea out of it, and it's a dream. Mix it with citrus, ginger and cucumber, and you're on to a winner. You won't even miss the gin*

Iced Green Tea with Ginger

1 green tea bag
Fresh ginger
Lemon or Lime

Make a pot of tea with one tea bag. Make this as strong as you like, but don't mess with the bag. I like mine weak, like my arms.

In the pot, add some finely sliced ginger - as much as you like. Everyone always says "a thumb of ginger" so I will too, even though I think that's stupid. What does that even mean? A piece of ginger varies hugely in width, so are you supposed to carve it the exact thumb proportions? Anyway, do what you want.

Leave the pot to cool. Don't leave the bag in, unless you want super strong tea.

Once cool, add a few slices of lemon or lime, along with some slices of cucumber, and decant into a bottle. Pop this in the fridge until it's cool, and serve with ice and a few decorative slices of lemon/cucumber if you're so inclined.

*Disclaimer: you will miss the gin.


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