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Street art in Downtown Las Vegas

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Sometimes it's a little difficult to avoid cliches in travel writing. I don't mean the obvious ones, like "hidden gem" (which is just the worst) or "breathtaking views". I mean the other ones, like "There's so much more to Las Vegas than gambling and showgirls"

But guys - there's so much more to Las Vegas than gambling and showgirls. 

If you think that downtown Vegas equals the Strip, then you're wrong, and I'm embarrassed for you. The real downtown is around Freemont Street, where you'll find low rise buildings, lights that tangle over the quiet road and a seriously arty vibe. 

Around almost every corner, you'll find exceptionally good street art, the kind that makes you want to stop in your tracks and just stare, transfixed. It's a good idea to make sure you're not standing in the road when this happens. 

Take your time, breathe it in from a distance and then with your nose pressed against it, and you'll be blown away. 

I think you'll agree that this little hotspot is the jewel in the crown of this city of contrasts. Breathtaking indeed.


The image above is of the Maser Motel, a previously derelict motel given a makeover by the Irish graffiti star Maser.


  1. Las Vegas really does have some of the best street art in the US. When I was there I saw these David Bowie paintings on this one street (they're probably gone now) and they were absolutely amazing!

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