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Hotel Room Video Review - Green House, Bournemouth

Friday 7 December 2012

Every so often, I surprise myself by doing some kind of graphic thing that doesn't look completely hopeless. Graphic design is one of those things I wish I was good at, but I'm just not. Like making donuts, or surfing.

Either way, I've designed a little intro for my hotel videos. So be prepared for countless videos coming up, including making a cup of tea, brushing teeth, and playing with a pile of puppies.

Actually, that last one might just happen for real.

The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth is a beautiful hotel, and I wrote it about it here. But hotel videos are always fun (right??) so here is mine. Please excuse the fact that I mistakenly call it the Green Room Hotel. I'd only just arrived, and the size of the bathroom had given me slight hysteria. Also, there were some chocolate honeycombs in my room. And I wanted to eat them.


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